➔ 2024 Full-Year Digital Planner
➔ Link to 2000+ growing stickers library
➔ Easy instructions on how to import & use
➔ Includes 2 Planners: Sunday & Monday Starts

Step into a new era of organization with our cutting-edge 2024 Dark Mode Digital Planner. This sleek and sophisticated digital planner is meticulously designed to provide you with an enhanced planning experience, featuring a dark mode interface that’s easy on the eyes and perfect for any time of day.


• Calming and visually appealing
• Neurodivergent / ADHD friendly
• Minimalist Design for clean organization
• Fully hyperlinked for easy navigation
• Full-year calendar: Intuitively designed for monthly, weekly, and daily use
• Several organization pages
• 2000+ planner stickers
• Guide on getting started
• Can be edited on iPad or tablet