120 brushes and stamps total included in this set.
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Unleash your creativity with our Faceless Portrait Creator Procreate Brush Set. This comprehensive set includes 120 brushes and stamps, providing endless possibilities for crafting DIY minimalist portraits and illustrations. Whether you’re a professional artist or an aspiring creator, this versatile kit is perfect for bringing your unique vision to life. With its wide range of brushes and stamps, you’ll have the tools you need to create captivating and expressive faceless portraits. Elevate your digital artwork and unleash your artistic potential with our Faceless Portrait Creator Procreate Brush Set.

• 9 Drafting Brushes
• 18 Trim Brushes
• 23 Seamless Pattern Brushes
• 26 Accessory Stamps
• 16 Frame Brushes
• 20 Backdrop Stamps
• 8 Texture Brushes

These brush files are for use with the Procreate application, and includes a full set of customized brushes to help you transform photos into illustrations – it does not automatically do this for you.