Change Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone

(and then expect months of discomfort)

That box you’re in right now? You tell yourself it’s comfortable enough… but in your soul you know it’s too cramped. You really want to break away and have a life of freedom, but you’re afraid of what’s outside…

I won’t lie to you! Once you bust through that box, it won’t be comfortable. Your journey will be filled with many obstacles. You’ll trip and you’ll fall and you’ll fall again, and you’ll feel like giving up. But guess what – your life experience and wisdom has made you tougher and more resilient than most, and most will quit. You push through all of the muck, swim through the swamps, fight the thistles and climb the mountains… all in a fog… and finally, after some time, it starts to get a little easier. The wind starts to push you, the mountains turn to hills and then the path becomes clearer.

Most people live in little boxes and over time they conform to that box, convincing themselves this is a comfortable life.

They shut out any possibility to grow. They are afraid of what lies outside the box.

But that’s where opportunity is.

“….Change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” —Roy T. Bennett

The burning desire for a purpose-filled life is right outside that box. You’ll trip getting out, you’ll make mistakes, get embarrassed, have your pride hurt, and you’ll make a huge mess.

Then, you’ll start to build, piece by piece.

99% of everyone who ventures outside their comfort box can’t handle it. They give up.

Be the 1% brave enough to push forward.

You’re climbing that mountain, in the blizzard, in the dark, but over time the trip gets a little easier, the view a lot clearer.

The good life awaits you on the other side.

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