Why your niche will never be saturated.

As a midlifer (40+), you’re in a unique position to make your mark. Your age inherently lends instant respect for your knowledge in a niche you choose.

In our demographic, there is still a lot of opportunity to stake claim as an influencer or a master in a specific niche. Midlife readers are done with the fluff – they want relatability and clarity in those they follow. Here are a few tips on how to build readership trust, which leads to sales:

  • Be yourself. Let your personality shine through your message.
  • Be authentic, not perfect.
  • Be relatable. Tell your story. People love experiences!
  • Laugh at yourself.
  • Admit when you’re wrong. We all make mistakes, it’s how we learn. And that humanizes you.

Remember, you’re not only building relationships, but friendships with your readers. Let them get to know the real you!

As you build your tribe of like-minded people who will hopefully (ultimately!) buy your product, think of yourself as a Self-Corporation or a Corporation of One–yourself. You are your own entity with infinite potential. Don’t get stuck on the idea that your niche is saturated, because as a one-person corporation, you have what nobody else has – your unique style. Including your personality and life experience into your message is unlike anyone else’s, and that’s the magic sauce.

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